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In providing a healthy and nutritious School Food Service for the students and staff of Osceola County Schools, it shall be the responsibility of the Board to:

A. Provide facilities and materials in all departments.

B. Secure and make bid awards for all items specified by State Board Regulations.

C. Assure that all foods purchased will conform to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the Meat Inspection Act, and any regulations of the State of Florida relating to the specific item being purchased.

D. Provide an adequate supervisory staff at the District level for the administration of the program, and adequate clerical and secretarial help for the centralized system.

E. Submit to the State Department of Education all required reports, requested information, agreements, and applications for federal reimbursement and commodities.

F. Provide for audits of all records at the schools and the central office, as required by law and State Board regulations.

G. Assure a nutritionally adequate and nonprofit School Food Service Program by providing sufficient funds.

H. Prohibit the operation of any public lunch program under a fee, concession, or contract agreement with a food service management company, or under a similar agreement.

I. Make facilities and materials available during disaster or emergencies in schools designated as disaster centers.

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The Director of School Food Service shall work under the authority delegated by the Superintendent, and shall administer school food programs, which shall meet the obligations assumed by the School Board of Osceola County, Florida and the Superintendent. These responsibilities and duties shall include:

A. Organization, promotion and program development.

B. Food supply, preparation and service.

C. Personnel direction.

D. Use of plant space, facilities and equipment.

E. Educational opportunities.

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The principal shall cooperate with the Director of School Food Services in administering and operating an adequate School Food Service Program in compliance with federal and state laws, State Board Regulations, and the School Board of Osceola County Rules.

The principal shall be responsible for the assessment of the School Food Service Manager. Adopted 6/28/94

Auth: 230.22,F.S. Imple: 228.195(3), F.S. and SBE Regulation 6A-7.42(3).


The School Food Service Manager shall be under the administrative supervision of the principal and with the technical support of the Director of School Food Services. The Manager shall be responsible for the efficient and satisfactory operation of the department, following procedures and regulations of the District Food Service Program. Specific duties of the Manager shall be listed in the School Food Service Handbook. Amended 6/30/92

Auth: 230.22,F.S.

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All other School Food Service Personnel are directly responsible to the Manager for the performance of their assigned duties. Major responsibilities shall be listed in the School Food Service Handbook.

Auth: 230.22, F.S. Imple: 228.195(3), F.S.


8.6.1 Applications and Appointments

Persons desiring employment with School Food Service shall file applications with the District Personnel Office. All new employees shall be appointed on a trial basis for a ninety (90) calendar day period.

The Director of School Food Services shall present a list of qualified applicants for any vacant managerial position to the principal for his consideration, and in turn the principal in conjunction with the Director of Food Service shall submit the choice to the Superintendent and the School Board.

8.6.2 Drug Testing

All new employees will be required to take a drug screening test effective October 1, 1989.

Prior to being recommended for employment by the Superintendent, each applicant shall be required to submit a urine sample for a screening test. If the screening shows the presence of an illegal drug, the sample shall be then tested by the GCMS method.

No prospective employee will be hired if the results of the drug screening test indicate the presence of an illegal drug, regardless of the frequency or occasion. Provided, however, the prospective employee may request a waiver if he/she can show a valid prescription for the drug, issued by a licensed medical practitioner or can provide evidence that the drug was purchased pursuant to the provisions of Section 893.08, Florida Statutes. The Superintendent or his designee shall verify the validity of the prescription or compliance with the provisions of Section 893.08, and consider the request in light of the extent, duration and frequency of use of the drug; the underlying cause for use of the drug; and any other considerations relevant to the performance of the requirements of the position applied for. The Superintendent's decision on any request for waiver shall be final.

The term 'illegal drug' as used in this rule shall mean, any drug listed or defined as a 'controlled substance' by Chapter 893, Florida Statutes.

Applicants whose results are positive on the drug screening test may not reapply for employment until one (l) year after the date the sample was given.

Please note the following related to who is to be tested and confidentiality of testing:

A. Employees returning from a Board approved leave of absence or sabbatical will not be tested.

B. Prospective employees will not begin work until the results are returned. (Substitute employees will be available in emergency situations.)

C. The successful applicant from all employee groups (Administration, Instructional, and Non-Instructional) will be tested as well as Adult Education teachers and substitutes. Other personnel who have contact with students as determined by the Personnel Department will be tested.

D. Test results are confidential medical records.

E. We have no plans to recommend random drug testing of current employees.

Auth: 230.22, F.S. Imple: 228.195, 230.23(5) and 230.33(7), F.S.

8.6.3 Qualifications for Employment

All individuals applying for a food service position shall, at the time of their appointment, meet the qualifications required in the established job description for that position.

8.6.4 Procedures for School Food Service Employees Amended 6/28/94

School Food Service employees shall be employed for the number of days established by the District salary schedule. At the discretion of the Director of School Food Service some staff will be assigned additional time to open and close the department. Amended 6/30/92

School Food Service Managers shall be employed for the hours established by the salary schedule. The particular number of hours worked by employees shall be established by the Manager based on the current staffing formula.

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195, 230.23 (5) and 230.33(7), F.S; and SBE Regulation 6A-7.46(3)

8.6.5 Personal Health and Hygiene Requirements

All personnel shall comply with the provisions of the Florida Sanitary Code and the guidelines of the School Food Service Handbook. All new employees of the School Board within the ninety (90) day probationary period and all food service employees returning from extended leave of one (l) year shall have a tuberculin skin test or at their own expense a chest x-ray.

Auth: 230.22, F.S. Imple: 228.195(3) and 230.23 (5), F.S.

8.6.6 Work Habits and Work Schedules

Employees shall maintain good working habits and follow work schedules as established by the manager and described in the School Food Service Handbook.

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195 (3) and 230.23 (5), F.S.

8.6.7 Student Assistants Amended 6/29/93 & 6/28/94

Students may work in kitchen areas with the consent of the parent(s), teacher(s), principal, and manager. Students under the age of fifteen shall not be around, nor operate, power equipment, dishwashers, slicers, stoves or work in the cooler/freezer areas. In addition, elementary students may not work on hot food serving lines.

Students engaged in Culinary Arts Training may, as a part of their instructional program, be assigned to different areas of the Food Service Program for on site training.

Students shall not be required to work as a condition to receive free or reduced meals. All personal health and hygiene standards required of adult workers shall be observed by student helpers. As compensation for their services, students employed may be given a lunch. All regulations of child labor laws shall be strictly followed regardless of the student's grade level.

Prior to any students being assigned to work in the kitchen area of a school, the school food service manager, the principal and the Director of Food Service, shall determine the procedures to be used.


8.7.1 Equipment Amended 6/29/93

The Board shall furnish and equip new departments, provide additional equipment for expansion, and pay all utility costs.

Expendable and nonexpendable equipment at each school shall be replaced during the school year by the School Food Service Department at each school from regular operating funds when available and shall follow specifications developed by the Director of the School Food Service.

At the end of each school year, inventories of expendable and nonexpendable equipment shall be completed. No School Food Service equipment shall be taken from the premises, except that for school-related use or by non-profit organizations. The group must first contact the manager for permission. The manager will initiate the proper form listing the equipment to be used and obtain the principal's signature and approval. If borrowed equipment is damaged or not returned, it shall be repaired or replaced by the borrower.

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195(3) and SBE Regulation 6A-7.42(2)

8.7.2 Commodities

Commodities shall not be sold, traded, taken home or otherwise utilized except in plate-lunch programs. They shall not be used for PTA refreshments, special meals, school benefits dinners, or similar affairs. Accurate records shall be maintained on commodities in school storerooms.

Some commodities may be used by home economics teachers for laboratory instruction. The home economics teacher shall requisition commodities from the School Food Service Manager at least ten (10) days in advance. A copy of the requisition should be sent to the Director of School Food Service. (Refer to the current Florida School Food Service Program Requirements for the latest requirements of the USDA Commodity Program.)

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195, F.S., and SBE Regulations 6A-7.41 and 6A-7.42(2)

8.7.3 Lunch Prices

A. Sale Prices Amended 6/29/93 & 6/28/94

Sale prices for the School Food Service Program shall be established by the Board, subject to change due to food price fluctuations and commodities available. The Food Service Departments in the District shall participate in the National School Lunch Program and serve Type A lunches priced as a unit. In addition, schools may have a la carte offerings with per-unit pricing.

B. Economically Needy Children Amended 6/29/93

Children who meet the criteria for support under the guidelines of Federal Regulations Title VII, Part 245. shall be supplied a lunch without cost or at a reduced price.

Using the current income eligibility scale or recommendations of a key person such as the pupil's teacher, counselor, School Food Service Manager or personnel of the Welfare Department, the principal may initiate an application. A file of all economically needy lunch applications shall be maintained in the Director of Food Service's office. All applications shall be kept on file for three (3) years and until the appropriate audit is performed, then authorization for disposal may be requested.

C. Removal of Food, USDA Commodities, Leftovers, or Supplies from the Kitchen Amended 6/29/93, Substitution 6/27/00

Anyone removing food, USDA commodities, supplies, leftovers, or food items removed from student trays for personal or non-school district use shall be subject to discipline up to and including termination and/or prosecution. Reusable leftovers, including both purchased foods and commodities, shall be stored for future use. Leftover perishable food shall be served as “seconds” to children, scrapped or, with prior Board approval, donated to a bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization, which provides food for the needy. Careful planning shall be practiced at all times to minimize overproduction.

D. Sale of Additional Foods Amended 6/29/93

Sale of any food or beverage items in elementary schools other than by the food service program is prohibited. In elementary and middle schools when the Food Service Department sells additional foods and drinks, these must meet the nutritional needs of the pupils.

The sale of food and beverage items in competition with the district food service program may be permitted in middle and high schools only, with the approval of the school board, one hour following the close of the last lunch period provided they comply with existing federal and state regulations.

Sale of foods after the student day is permitted at all levels with permission of the principal.

Sale of food items in all schools shall be in compliance with applicable accreditation standards.

E. Adult Lunches

No adult meals shall be given free, except for School Food Service personnel. Adults in a school on official business at lunchtime may, upon payment of the established price, eat in the School Food Service Department. Relatives of School Food Service personnel shall not be regular customers in the cafeteria. Every guest or his host shall pay for meals eaten in the lunchroom. Parents may make occasional visits to the School Food Service Program This privilege may be exercised by having parents visit on special days, or as individuals, to become acquainted with the program. The principal shall see that this privilege is not abused, as the School Food Service Program is not in competition with commercial establishments. Adults may buy a la carte items at the current adopted prices.

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195(3), 230.2313, 231.085(5); and SBE Regulations 6A-7.40, 6A-7.41, and 6A-7.42(2)

8.7.4 Field Trips and Special Events

It will be the responsibility of the principal to see that the manager is informed at least two (2) weeks prior to any field trip or event where the students will not be eating a school lunch.

Any teacher requesting packed lunches must do so a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the date needed. A count of the actual number to be packed must be given to the manager the day before they are needed. The requester will be responsible for providing payment for the packed lunches the day before the event

Economically needy children will be provided a packed lunch without cost or at a reduced price. Adopted 6/29/93

8.7.5 Operating Procedures

A. Discipline

Discipline in the dining room or cafeteria shall be the responsibility of the adult in charge, and the principal. School Food Service employees shall not be responsible for discipline.

B. Keys

Delivery personnel and maintenance staff may be temporarily issued a key only when authorized by the principal. Only the manager and food service director shall have keys to the food storage areas; except where the principal is required to have access to a electrical breaker box for safety reasons. Amended 6/30/92

C. Unauthorized Personnel in the Food Preparation Area Amended 6/29/93

The principal shall prevent the entry of unauthorized persons in food preparation areas. An unauthorized person shall be anyone other than the School Food Service staff, the principal, and school personnel on official business.

Teachers shall be served from the serving line, and may not enter the kitchen for special service.

Relatives of School Food Service employees shall not be authorized to enter the food preparation area, or granted privileges denied others.

D. Student Lunch Period Restrictions

Students are not permitted to bring soft drinks into the cafeterias during the lunch hours.

High school students who have permission to leave campus for lunch will consume their lunch off campus. It is not to be brought back onto campus for consumption.

E. The principal will be responsible for having a staff member take daily temperature readings of the walk-in refrigerator and freezer during holidays and the summer. The form for this procedure will be provided by the Food Service Director. The forms must be returned to the Food Service Director's office at the end of each holiday and summer break.

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195(3), 232.25, 231.085(5), F.S.; and SBE Regulations 6A-7.42(2) and 6A-7.41.


At the beginning of the year, the principal shall assign regular dining room cleaning duties to the custodian(s). The School Food Service Manager shall be informed of the cleaning schedule. Amended 6/29/93

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195(3) and 231.085, F.S.


School Food Service Programs shall meet the same state and local sanitary standards required of any food-handling establishment. The Osceola County Health Department may make a routine inspection of each department. EACH MANAGER MUST THEREFORE READ AND APPLY THE CURRENT REVISED BULLETIN 33-F, ENTITLED "SANITATION AND SAFETY FOR CHILD FEEDING PROGRAMS".

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195(3), F.S., and SBE Regulation 6A-7.42(2)


Any organization desiring the use of the School Food Service Department shall make arrangements through the principal and Manager well in advance of the function. The use of facilities shall be subject to School Board Rule 3.12.

The School Food Service Manager, or someone from the food service staff, shall be present at any time the kitchen facilities are used by an organization. This individual shall be paid at an hourly rate established by the Board.

The School Food Service Department shall be left in the condition in which it was found. The sponsor or teacher in charge shall be responsible for all damages and any replacements, which have to be made. School Food Service Managers shall cooperate with Red Cross and Civil Defense officials in case of emergencies. When School Food Service kitchens are used for such emergencies, they shall be left in the same condition as they were found, and all damages repaired or items replaced.

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195(3) and 230.23(12), F.S.


The approved money-collection system is cashiering through the line. Checks SHALL NOT be accepted by cashiers. Managers shall be responsible for daily deposits. No monies shall be left in the department overnight.

Any loss or theft of records, cash, or goods shall be reported immediately to the principal, Director and Superintendent. Amended 6/28/94

Auth: 230.22, F.S.

Imple: 228.195(3) and 237.01, F.S.