The School District of Osceola County, Florida
In the Osceola School District, we have thousands of outstanding educators, and every day, our teachers do amazing things to help our children succeed. At the end of last school year, the Community Relations Department, and the Education Foundation--Osceola County invited students to log on to our district's website to tell us in 50 words or less what makes their favorite Osceola teacher so special. Hundreds of entries were sent in, and 10 student and teacher winners have been selected. Each winning student received a $100 gift card sponsored by the Education Foundation. The winning teachers received a gift card for $100 in classroom supplies.

Congratulations to the following students and teachers who won the
2014/2015 Favorite Teacher Contest.

Teacher:   Trevor Farrell - Celebration High School
Student:   Theodoro Meza - Celebration High School

My theory of knowledge teacher inspires me to become a knowledgeable person, with various planes of knowledge. He shares insightful input in any discussion and changes my outlook on things. He takes education seriously but with all he does there is a purpose and an educational approach behind it.
Teacher:   John LeGrande - Liberty High School
Student:   Dalein Calderon - Liberty High School

Mr. LeGrande goes above and beyond for his students offering after-school tutoring, help during lunch, and he turns down no math student in need. He prepares his AP Calculus students extremely well, and pushes us to succeed. Mr. LeGrande provides an academic challenge found little elsewhere and he is a great mentor.
Teacher: Charlotte Nunez - Thacker Avenue Elementary School for International Studies
Student:  Kanza Jamil - Thacker Avenue Elementary School for International Studies
On my first day of school, I didn't want to go to school. I told my parents that I would rather go to Chuck E Cheese. But once I went in to class, I had a lot of fun. Now I only want to go to Mrs. Nunez’s classroom every day. We play, paint, and sing songs in the classroom. I like Mrs. Nunez a lot and can't wait to see her the next day.
Teacher: Christine Grantham - Harmony High School
Student:   Chasten "Chase" Gross - Harmony High School

Ms. Grantham is a strong and caring teacher that never gives up on her students. She is compassionate about her job, and is always there to make sure all of her students are successful. As a senior this year, I believe she made a huge impact on my ability to be successful. I believe many teachers can learn a lot from her!

Cel K8
Teacher:   Michael Fiorito - Celebration K-8 School
Student:   Anne Townsend - Celebration K-8 School

The teacher that instantly comes to mind for his dedication to students is Mr. Fiorito! He prepares his students with real-life situations including involvement with the school garden and running his class like a business. Mr. Fiorito is very detailed with his instructions and makes school an enjoyable environment!!!
Teacher:   Douglas Smallwood - Osceola High School
Student:   Orlando Reyes - Osceola High School

Honestly, there are so many reasons why Mr. Smallwood is so special. But one of the reasons why is he makes learning so much fun! When he makes learning fun, the work is easy. Also, if you're having bad day, Mr. Smallwood is the guy that will make your day better. He jokes around a lot and makes you laugh until you can’t breathe any more. Another reason is that he is a good person. If you're having a lot of trouble on a problem and you get that problem wrong, he'll still give you credit because you tried. Mr. Smallwood is best teacher I have ever had!
Teacher:   Dustin Keeton – St. Cloud High School
Student:   Taina Ortiz - St. Cloud High School

I had Mr. Keeton as an Algebra 1 teacher in my freshman year of high school. He came to my class towards the very end of the school year. Before that, there were three teachers before him. Due to the constant change in teachers, I was having difficulty understanding the material. When Mr. Keeton showed up to stay as the permanent teacher, at first he seemed kind of scary and mean, but as I got to know him as a teacher, I realized that he was actually a reality! Seeing how math in general has never been one of my strongest points, every time I was confused on a problem he would sit down and work it out with me which really helped me a lot. If it wasn't for him I probably would be in intensive math. But since he taught me how to solve problems and how not to freak out every time a fraction showed up, I can handle Algebra now with a more open mind. I can't even thank him enough for all the help he has given me.
Teacher:   Janet Moody - Thacker Avenue Elementary School for International Studies
Student:   Meghan Felgueiras - Thacker Avenue Elementary

I would like to say Mrs. Moody is nice and fun. When we were reading this book Charlotte's Web, she wanted to bring the story to life by bringing a pig into our class to see how it will react. We did lots of fun projects. In the beginning of the year, I said that I could not do it and Ms. Moody said no one in this class says “I can not do it.” She made me have confidence, so I did it.  When it's the holidays, she always tells us to bring food so we can have a little holiday dinner with a movie. She taught us about different places where animals and plants live. Mrs.Moody reads us this short book about polar bears and penguins. We read that they don't live together. Because of all that Mrs. Moody teaches me, at the end of the year I became an A-B Honor Roll. She did a video of each student and the whole class, and that was very important to me. I hope Mrs. Moody wins the extra credit, and I hope that she can be my teacher for fourth grade.
Teacher:   Sabrina Kincade - Central Avenue Elementary
Student: Lavont Thomas - Central Avenue Elementary
Ms. Kincade is nice, and she almost always says “yes” for everything I ask to do. She gives us free time for 20 minutes at the end of the day if we are good. And we have a level system that helps us learn social skills and learn responsibility for our behavior. As we learn to behave, we can do better on learning, reading and math.
Teacher:   Monica Gonzalez - Cypress Elementary School
Student:   Jasiah Cannon - Cypress Elementary School

Ms. Gonzalez helped me through my rough times in math and she made the math so easy. Since she helped me with math, she made the FCAT much easier for me and made me have so much more confidence in myself. I did great!!