The School District of Osceola County, Florida
Osceola School District OASIS Department Founded in 1974
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Robin Davis - School Volunteer Liaison Specialist
Phone: 407-870-4080 
Judy Alexander - Partners in Education Specialist
Phone: 407-870-4014
OASIS Department: 1200 Vermont Avenue
Building 10, Room 101
St. Cloud, Florida 34769


OASIS School Volunteer Program
The Osceola School District's OASIS School Volunteer Program provides the opportunity for parents, businesses, and the community to enrich the education of students. OASIS volunteers extend teachers' and staffs' professional skills and assist in the effort to  meet the unique needs of each and every student. As a registered OASIS volunteer, you will join over 17,000 Osceola County residents from all walks of life who willingly share their time and talents in our schools in a variety of ways. Volunteers are a vital part of the educational system in our county, and are indeed making a difference for students. To ensure safe schools for our students, the Osceola School District conducts both local and national criminal history background checks at no cost to the applicant. These background checks help identify individuals with criminal offenses which may disqualify them from serving as an OASIS school volunteer. The application process may take up to three weeks to complete.

Partners In Education
Our Partners in Education Program encourages the contributions of businesses and civic organizations to our schools. Partner activities include financial contributions, in-kind donations and services, sponsorship of events and awards, attendance and academic incentives, employee volunteer release time for volunteering and mentoring, and more. In turn, schools offer the businesses what they can in order to make the partnership truly beneficial for both partners. No business or organization is too large or small to serve as a partner.  Partnership may be with the entire school district, one or several schools, or even with one particular classroom.Through the Osceola Partners in Education Program, our community is making a positive difference for Osceola's children. Become a Partner in Education and help make students' dreams come true.

Ways Businesses Can Help Our Osceola Schools
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All school volunteers must renew their volunteer application every school year. If you did not volunteer last school year, you are considered a new volunteer. Please complete the appropriate application below.

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