The School District of Osceola County, Florida

Dual Language Program

Mission Statement
To effectively develop high achieving bilingual, biliterate students with positive cultural attitudes.
Dalia Medina - Director of Multicultural Department
Deborah Oms - Dual Language Specialist 





Participating Schools

Two-Way Program

Boggy Creek Elementary School
Kissimmee Elementary School
Ventura Elementary School

Thacker Avenue Elementary School for International Studies

Westside K-8 School
One-Way Program
Neptune Middle School

What is a Dual Language Program?

The Dual Language Program is an educational model that promotes high academic achievement, while supporting second language development, and cross cultural understanding for all students.  Academic subjects are taught to all students in English and Spanish.  The program creates an additive bi-literate environment for all students; first language is maintained, while the second language is acquired.  This year Osceola School District will offer two Dual Language programs:

Two-Way (Enrichment/Immersion Program) - This program has a balanced enrollment of native English Speakers acquiring Spanish as their second language, and native Spanish speakers acquiring English as their second language.  Program participation is a parent/student choice.  Registration occurs on a first come, first served basis, with preference given only to students with siblings already in the program.

One-Way (Enrichment/developmental) - This program enrolls students who are native Spanish speakers acquiring English as their second language.  These students have been tested and qualify for ESOL Program services.  Parents may also choose the One-Way Program option on the Parental Choice Letter.


The program's vision is to educate our students in a multicultural learning environment.  Provide an effective academic approach with an additive bilingual environment in which our students will have greater opportunities, as a result of the acquisition of two languages.  It is our hope that our students will be well prepared, and have the pride and self-confidence to be successful in the competitive international community.

Program Accomplishments/Benefits

Students with the ability to process information in two languages develop a higher level of thinking skills.
Students perform at or above grade level in both languages as demonstrated in district-wide reading assessments and State Assessment Test (FCAT-minimal 3rd grade retention). The program promotes future academic success, therefore students will have greater opportunities in a competitive global society.
Students effectively communicate in both languages demonstrating a high level of language and cultural proficiency.
Students maintain self-esteem through the respect and appreciation of their language & culture.

Helpful Resources

Dual Language Resource Websites list is a compilation of internet resources that contain educational material available in more than one language.  Each website offers information and activities that Dual Language teachers, parents and students may find useful.
Reading and Phonics
  • - Stories in English and Spanish
  • - Reading tips in English and Spanish
  • - Literacy lessons in English/Spanish/German & French
  • - Animated books in English/Spanish and French
  • - Reading resources in English
Coloring, Arts & Crafts, Manipulatives, Lesson Plans and Activities
  • - Web organizers English and Spanish
  • - Preschool crafts, lesson plans, & activities in English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, and Italian
  • - Games projects and animations. English only
  • - Coloring, games and puzzles
  • - Activity sheets in English and French
  • - Free printables
  • - Printable children's crafts, coloring pages and more!!
  • - Custom handwriting worksheets
  • - Alphabet and activities in Spanish
If you would like to share useful website information, send it to Mrs. Deborah Oms at: