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Parents should keep open lines of communication with teachers, administrators and their children. This includes reading any notes or reports the school sends home, checking the school's website to learn about upcoming events, and talking with their children about what they're studying in school.
Learning Activities
Parents should arrange learning opportunities after school hours. This doesn't have to be something as formal as tutoring. It could be a visit to a museum on the weekend or using a telescope to look at stars.
Homework Time
Parents can designate a homework time during which children must focus on schoolwork. Turn off the television and be available to help. If the child doesn't have homework, the child should be encouraged to study something that interests her. If he consistently doesn't have homework, parents should consider speaking with his teacher to be sure he is telling the truth.
Setting an Example
Children love to imitate their parents. If parents spend their evenings watching TV, that's what their child is likely to do. Parents can set a good example by showing their children that reading and learning are fun activities.
Homework Help
Parents should not do homework for their children. It's more important that students understand the concepts the homework is trying to teach than that they get the right answer. Parents can guide their children through their work, asking questions that lead them to the right answers.
School Involvement
Being an active member of the school community can be beneficial. The Parent-Teacher Organization is a good way for parents to get involved, or they might help out with school-sponsored fundraisers. Even if they work full-time, parents should still try to find some way to participate in their children's school activities to get acquainted with school workers.
Getting Help
Occasionally, children need help their parents cannot provide. Speech problems or advanced math classes are examples of these situations. In these circumstances, parents should seek outside help, possibly hiring a tutor or other professional.

Step Up For Students is a statewide non-profit organization that administers a Florida Tax Credit Scholarship to low income families across the state of Florida. Families who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program may also be eligible for a Florida Tax Credit Scholarship. Their goal is to help all families understand the learning options that are available for their children.

This scholarship, created by the Legislature in 2001, is available only to students whose household income meets the free and reduced lunch standard. This year, it is serving more than 38,000 students in roughly 1,200 schools across the state. The intent is to give an additional learning option to economically disadvantaged children who tend to have limited opportunities.  Visit their website at for additional information!

For more information about bullying, visit the National Website at

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